Professional polishing cloth for jewelry, silver and gold
Jewelry polishing cloth from Clean + Care
Retail ready jewelry polishing cloth
Open measurements flat lay showing inside of 6 inch by 8 inch Clean And Care Professional Polishing Cloth
Retail ready Jewelry polishing cloth
Retail-Ready packaging side by side front and back image of 12 inch by 15 inch Clean And Care Professional Polishing Cloth
Open measurements flat lay showing inside of 12 inch by 15 inch Clean And Care Professional Polishing Cloth
wholesale jewelry polishing cloth for retail

Jewelry + Watch Polishing Cloths

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Ideal for: Finest gold, silver and platinum jewelry, silver plate, flatware, hollowware and watches.

The CLEAN+CARE® Jewelry + Watch Polishing Cloths are designed to clean and polish the finest gold, silver and platinum jewelry and watches. The non-rouge inner cloth is treated with our effective formula to remove tarnish and discoloration and to restore luster without scratching or removing the finish; buffing with the 100% cotton outer cloth provides a gleaming luster. The cloths come in two sizes, can be used alone or paired with any of our liquid cleaning formulas, and are perfect for travel.

Note: Do not use on leather, faux leather, wood, feathers, or other fibrous materials.

  • One cloth cleans BOTH gold + silver
  • Safe for daily use
  • Easily fits in a bag for travel + on-the-go
  • Manufactured + sold by Women Owned Company
  • 6 in. x 8 in. (15.2 cm x 30.5 cm) OR 12 in. x 15 in. (30.4 cm x 38.1 cm)
  • 4-ply with treated and untreated layers
  • Silver ink, silver outer cloth, white interior cloth
  • Instruction Card
  • 6 x 8: Sold by 25-Pack Case
  • 12 x 15: Sold by 15-Pack Case
  • Orders processed and shipped within 1-5 business days

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