Incorporating Into Your Business

Retail Point-of-Sale

Your products are professional, trade-secret formulations designed specifically for cleaning your jewelry. Positioning the Clean + Care line at your cash wrap will encourage customers to learn more about jewelry care and will enable you to provide them with the products and education they will need once they leave your store.

Gift with purchase

Trunk shows, special events, large sales, and community events are a perfect opportunity to share the cleaning experience with your customers. Using products from a jewelry care line as a gift with purchase or gift bag item can translate to a positive experience, and will have your customers coming back into your store for more!

website + E-commerce

Expand the reach of your expertise knowledge by offering jewelry care products for purchase on your website. Product placement can be paired with care and cleaning education to reinforce your jewelry care and cleaning program.

Jewelry care education

You can inform, educate and encourage your customers to clean and care for their jewelry with the Clean + Care product line. Offering clear and consistent care and cleaning content on your website and in collateral pieces will position you as the expert. Your customers don’t want old wives’ tales; they want professional products and expert care information.

customer service

The Clean + Care line offers an excellent mechanism to interact with your customers in a positive way. Jewelry care products can be used to recognize a significant purchase or to help your outstanding customer service staff improve or cement a customer relationship.