Jewelry Cleaner Packette
Jewelry Cleaner Packette in an Ultrasonic Machine
Premeasured formula in a jewelry cleaner packette
Back of jewelry cleaner packette showing direction for us in an ultrasonic cleaner
jewelry cleaner packette dimensions

50pk Jewelry Cleaner Packettes
(Case Pack of 50)

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Ideal for: An extra thorough cleaning in the Clean + Care Professional Ultrasonic Machine and other sonic or ultrasonic machines. Follow machine-provided instructions when operating devices.

The perfect solution for in-store cleaning! Exclusive to Clean + Care®, the pre-measured, individually packaged Clean + Care Jewelry Cleaner Packettes take away the extra step of measuring out cleaning formula.

NOTE: This cleaner removes grime, oil and dirt but will not remove tarnish. Do not use on leather, faux leather, wood, feathers, or other fibrous materials. 

  • Precise measurements for Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Perfect for travel + on-the-go
  • Manufactured + sold by Women Owned Company
  • 10 Jewelry Cleaner Packettes per retail box (0.5 fl. Oz. / 15 mL per packette)
  • Each case pack contains 8 retail boxes
  • Packette packaging: White, silver, and gold ink
  • External packaging: Gold, white, and black ink
  • Orders processed and shipped within 1-5 business days

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