Jewelry Cleaner Concentrates
Fine Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate
Clean And Care Gallon-sized Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Concentrates for Bulk Cleaning
Silver jewelry cleaner concentrate 1 gallon
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Jewelry Cleaner Concentrates

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Simplify bulk cleaning with Clean and Care Jewelry Cleaner Concentrates. Our Fine Jewelry Cleaner (available in 1- and 5-Gallon sizes) and Gentle Jewelry Cleaner are available in gallon-sized Concentrated Formulas, perfect for use in ultrasonic machines, in-store cleaning use, or for your repair bench. Our Silver Jewelry Cleaner is also available in a one-gallon quantity (not concentrated). Concentrates allow you to show customers that what they’re using at home, is the same cleaner used in-store.

NOTE: These cleaners, with exception of the Silver Jewelry Cleaner, remove grime, oil and dirt but do not remove tarnish. Do not use on leather, faux leather, wood, feathers, or other fibrous materials.

  • Gallon-Sized
  • Manufactured + sold by a Women Owned Company
  • One (1) Gallon (Fine Jewelry Cleaner comes in 1- and 5-Gallon options)
  • Sold by the gallon
  • White bottle
  • Concentrates come in Fine Jewelry Cleaner, Gentle Jewelry Cleaner, Natural Jewelry Cleaner, Silver Jewelry Cleaner (Not a concentrate)
  • Orders processed and shipped within 1-5 business days

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      Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate


      Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate

      Gentle Jewelry Cleaner



      clean and care gentle jewelry cleaner is ammonia free and safe for all jewelry

      Professional strength for

      in-store cleaning or your bench

      Clean And Care Gallon Concentrate Cleaners let you choose the formula best suited for your customers jewelry

      Choose the formula best

      suited for your jewelry

      With Clean And Care Concentrate Cleaner you can show your customers the cleaners you sell are the same products you use in your store

      Show your customers the cleaners you sell

      are the same products you use in your store

      What it cleans

      This chart offers our best recommendation for which product may safely be used on different varieties of jewelry. Be sure to follow the directions offered on the product or instruction card. Do not soak strung jewelry. CLEAN + CARE is not liable for misuse of the product.