Clean + Care®’s parent company, The Kingswood Company, offers the most customization options available in the market to deliver a sophisticated jewelry care line that’s unique to you. The most successful retailers and merchants use private-label as a way to offer their customers an exclusive, high-quality product that they can’t find anywhere else. Contact one of our Account Executives to learn how private-labeling can fit into your business.

Please note: The MOQs for private-label differ from what’s offered on Clean + Care® due to the level of customization.

3 reason to carry a private-label jewelry care line:

1. Unique and exclusive product

Customers want to choose a brand they know and trust. When they need to purchase more jewelry cleaner, they will return to your store for an exclusive product they can’t get anywhere else.

2. Brand extension

A custom branded jewelry care line can increase brand visibility. When your customers will see your logo every time, they clean their jewelry at home. Your brand’s image will be reinforced when they return the sparkle back to their jewelry.

3. Build trust

Offer your customers an exclusive product from the jewelry professional they trust. Teaching them how to take care of their jewelry at home creates an opportunity to connect with your customers and build relationships.


To see all of the products and customization options available visit The Kingswood Company.

The Kingswood Company Private-Label Jewelry Care Products Put your logo on jewelry cleaner
The Kingswood Company Private-Label Jewelry Care Products with Customization
The Kingswood Company Private-Label Jewelry Care Products with customization

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